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The Celiac Project sprouted from a simple idea—raising awareness about celiac disease while giving people a place to share their stories and connect with others.  Completing the documentary was the first goal, and our podcast is a natural extension of that, providing a platform for more current issues facing the celiac and gluten intolerant community.

We believe that everyone’s journey is unique, from the time of diagnosis through recovery and the continuing hurdles we must encounter to stay safe on a daily basis.  Our goal is to grow our community and become a positive force to educate our family, friends, neighbors and beyond.

We hope that you will become part of our community. Please share your story with us!  If you'd like to sign up for our newsletter, we promise to not share your email and will keep you up-to-date about all of the events surrounding The Celiac Project.

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8 hours ago

Celiac Project
Mike and Cam are excited to welcome back Josh Schieffer, founder of The Guided Buyer. Josh shares exciting news on how and why he expanded The Gluten Free Buyers Guide and Awards to include other types of dietary guides. Josh also tells us about how he turned his passion for surfing into a non profit,, which provides free swim lessons to children in his community without easy access to pools.You can still vote for all your favorites (including the podcast) ! But voting closes at the end of 292 - ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Celiac Project
Much of the time when we talk about the manifestation and symptoms of celiac disease we talk about G.I.symptoms. In recent years we are learning more and more that neurological and psychological issues are more common than once believed. Mike and Cam dig deep into some of the connections. Included in their candid conversation is a recent study showing that a large portion of folks diagnosed with ADHD actually have undiagnosed celiac. Mike also shares some of his childhood neurological challenges and his own issues around ADHD.EP 291 - ... See MoreSee Less
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