About The Celiac Project

I’m Michael Frolichstein, and I created The Celiac Project in 2014 while making my documentary of the same name. My vision was to use my filmmaking background to help raise awareness about celiac disease after suffering for many years and finally being diagnosed with it at age 40.

The mission of The Celiac Project, the film and podcast, is to help people who are coping with the life changing diagnosis of having to live gluten free to feel empowered moving forward, and live a safe and fulfilling life. My efforts to advance the conversation about what we can do individually and as a society to support the gluten intolerant community has been an inspiring journey that I am grateful for every day.

After the release of the film, I felt strongly about continuing to harness the power of people with either celiac disease or gluten intolerance locally and globally by creating The Celiac Project Podcast with my friend and fellow celiac, Cam Weiner, in 2016. We have poured our hearts out, poured drinks (literally), and interviewed guests too numerous to list! We have even created our #TCPInnerCircle, building a private online community of supporters, enabling us to all share our experiences in a more intimate way, including private hangouts. You can learn more about this by watching our Patreon video.

Please stay connected (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page) so you can learn more about what The Celiac Project is doing to make positive change. I promise we will never share your emails or personal information so please sign up for occasional email updates. I don’t want you to miss out when there is important news to share!

I also encourage you to share your story or comments by clicking contact us. I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling-- your story is important and being a proud and vocal member of our community can help you feel empowered in knowing that you are not alone.

The Celiac Project has great things in store for 2020 so stay tuned….


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Our Mission

The Celiac Project's mission is to explore what we can do individually and as a society to advance the conversation and raise awareness about celiac disease.
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The Podcast

Director of The Celiac Project Michael Frolichstein talks Celiac Disease and navigating a gluten free lifestyle with Cam Weiner.
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The Film

The inspiration for this film came after director Michael Frolichstein struggled with a series of mystery aliments before finally being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 40. Michael was shocked to learn that this auto-immune disease, which affects 1% of the US population, is 83% undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.
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Let's get social

3 days ago

Celiac Project
Long time friend of the show, Erin Smith, of Gluten-Free Globetrotter fame, joins Mike and Cam to talk about her 40 years of living with celiac disease. Since Erin's initial diagnosis as a very young child, much has changed in the celiac and gluten free world. Erin shares some of her most profound takeaways living a life with celiac both from the perspective of a child and an adult. She also shares what got her started advocating for people with celiac disease and what keeps her going.EP 283 - www.celiacproject.com/the-podcast/ ...
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1 week ago

Celiac Project
Mike and Cam sit down with Carla Carter, Director of Outreach and Programing at National Celiac Association (NCA). Carla shares her own personal celiac story as well as the origin story of NCA. We also learn about some of the exciting programs and initiatives that NCA is doing to support those with celiac disease. This includes online and in person support groups, their exciting "Feeding Gluten-Free" program to help those with food insecurity, and so much more!EP 282 - www.celiacproject.com/the-podcast/ ...
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