Aaron the web guy here. I have to share a story. Last week we went to a local Italian place. They have a large amount of GF options & always take great care of people that choose or have to eat GF. I ordered a GF pizza & a hard cider (of course that is naturally GF). I also ordered one of my absolute favorites: a Caprese salad. Since we’ve been here before I didn’t have to stress the GF side of things. Again, they already take good care of those that order GF.

A few minutes pass. Our drinks show up. My wife’s appetizer shows up & then my salad shows up. My wife saw that I was very obviously disappointed & incredibly stressed out. On the side was a gluten-full roll. As we all know you can’t simply remove it & eat what’s there. I checked the menu. There was no mention of a roll. The last time I ordered this salad a roll didn’t make an appearance. But then I remembered. The last time we went to this place a friend of ours was our server. She knows that I’m GF & took extra “friend”care of me to make sure I was safe in the sense that I didn’t have to ask or remind.

So I walked to the waitress stand. You know at this point that this can either go really well or really bad. I’m VERY happy to report that she & the other staff were very apologetic. She even mentioned that she should have caught on considering I ordered both a GF meal & GF drink. She very quickly had another one made & brought it out to me, again apologizing the entire time. I commended her on the way she handled it as she did such a great job!

All that to write, what are some positive experiences that you’ve had while dining out gluten free?